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S.I.A. - The competence that you can rely on.

The protection of people, facilities and other valuable goods is a constant challenge for companies worldwide that are particularly located in areas of high threat. Comprehensive and sophisticated security solutions are the key to survival and require the expertise and experience of recognized security agencies.

Our solution:
Our security services include both mobile and permanently installed property protection and personal protection, information gathering, analysis and risk assessment. We take the time to analyze your security needs in your environment and develop together with you a safety program, which is adapted to your needs.

Why International Security Agency?
Reliable security. It is not easy to meet even the current business tasks, if the safety of your employees, property and other assets are in danger. International Security Agency - Services enable you to achieve your business goals anywhere, at any time to achieve.

Experience confidence. External environments can be unpredictable and require the best specialists the security industry offers. International Security Agency - specialists are experts in their field of activity with years of experience serving in the military special forces, law enforcement and counterterrorism units.

Code of Ethics. We believe that honesty and integrity is the most important base to our customers.

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