Maritime Security

A topic that has gained importance in recent years. The safety on the high seas, especially in international waters, has suffered greatly from piracy and the situation has not changed since then. This applies equally to the major freight carriers as well as the private shipping. Although the NATO uses warships against piracy as in the "Gulf of Aden" in front of the Somali coast, the dangerous situation has not really improved. But in general international waters are affected. The risk of being attacked by pirates is always and everywhere possible, because this is a lucrative business for the pirates.

The NATO can not be everywhere at the same time, to act against these incidents at the right time.

We have a team consisting of specialists from the marine and the military that can ensure your security on your ships.
Whether it is developing a safety concept for your company, like prevention, behavior in an emergency, the ship's own crew training or support from our staff.

We do our best to ensure the security of your ships, goods, and the crew on the high seas - both commercially and personally.

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