Security Instruction Academy

is an academy, that is specialized on the instruction and mission-training of police and military forces.

Main emphasis on the single modules:
- unarmed selfdefence
- selfdefence with usable resources (flashlight, handcuffs, baton etc.)
- use of firemarms (short and long guns) in near range (CQB und CQD)
- arrest-techniques, especially for members of special forces of police and military, but also for normal police and custom officers
- special seminars treating the topic: use of firearms (short and long gun) without firing in near range (non-lethal)
- special seminars for blank weapons (knife) as well as knife-fighting and defending knife-attacks
We also can work out a special seminar for your personal necessities (e.g. Security, guards, self-defence for women, High Risk Vehicle Stop for authorities, etc.)

We try to organise and hold the seminars in your near range, to prevent the seminar-mebers of high costs for arrival and hotel costs.

If there should be any questions and/or if you have a concrete inquiry regarding a seminar, please contact us directly via email / phone.

We are happy to advise you in order to work out together the best possible solution for you.